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The Vision for VAS Hanoi is to be the leading private semi international school of Ha Noi. VAS Hanoi provides a high quality education service to boys and girls of Primary, Secondary and High School age.

In more specific terms, this means that VAS Hanoi aims to:

• prepare students for entry to Universities in Vietnam and overseas;

• raise students' ability in the four English language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, through continuous lessons with native English language teachers and through exposure to contemporary teaching methodologies;

• help students develop confidence and excellence in communication and in expressing their opinions, and to take a leadership role as a member of the global community;

• provide for students development opportunities inside and outside the scope of the standard curriculum in:

    - respect for other cultures and religions
    - awareness of those who are less fortunate
    - awareness of social justice issues
    - promotion of leadership within the student body
    - development of physical, emotional and social competence.

• recognise, value and support the key role of teaching staff in promoting excellence and student welfare;

• provide a safe and secure physical environment for students and staff;

• encourage and model appropriate high ethical and moral standards in academic and social behaviour.

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