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    VAS Hanoi is one of leading schools in Vietnam in striving to build a teaching and learning environment of international standard. VAS Hanoi seeks to provide students with an advanced and innovative model of education based on the integration of the Vietnamese curriculum and advanced Australian education.

    Students at VAS Hanoi will receive many of the benefits of studying overseas, but at the same time will be close to their families. Not only will they be in the best environment for the acquisition of knowledge, but also the ideal environment for personal development.

    Students at VAS Hanoi will receive an education similar to the unique benefits of studying overseas but without the considerable expense that studying abroad requires. The VAS Hanoi integrated curriculum will show its additional value when students undertake undergraduate study overseas compared with those graduating from other high schools in Vietnam.

    VAS Hanoi is a Year 1-12 school, so brothers and sisters of all ages can go to school together. This is convenient for parents, good for families and helps give continuity to your schooling. It is easy to move from Primary to Secondary because the students know the teachers and know really well the school campus. VAS Hanoi is like a second home to our boys and girls.

    VAS Hanoi has wonderful facilities and very interesting teachers. Our dining room and our gymnasium and synthetic grass football field are world standard. Classrooms have good technology and are colorful. There is a modern comfortable library and the teachers always are helpful and modern in their classroom methods. Foreign teachers are all highly qualified and many have Master degrees. Teachers like to work at VAS Hanoi.

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