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VAS Hanoi Opening Opportunities in Difficult Times

3/3/2009  2:45 Chiều

In times of financial difficulty, businesses employ young people with broad experience, skills with English language who have access to global friends and contacts. Vietnam Australia School, Hanoi (VAS Hanoi) is a school with these qualities.

Students at VAS Hanoi are opening opportunities for themselves that are different to those in other schools. VAS Hanoi students are taught by foreign teachers and the best of our Vietnamese teachers. They learn about moving from school into a global world community and are opening employment opportunities and study opportunities that are not provided by other schools.

English is the international language of business and our students are taught subjects in English, in hard courses designed by our Australian partners.

This is a semi international school pathwayfor Vietnamese students and whilst keeping a Vietnamese option available to its graduates, VAS Hanoi is also preparing students for the option of foreign tertiary education and foreign employment. In difficult financial times, when the economic crisis is impacting on incomes and on jobs, this is the best chance for our young people. VAS Hanoi is leading the way in secondary and high schooling for Vietnamese boys and girls in Vietnam.

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