With more than 10 years of development, VAS Hanoi is one of the leading semi international schools in Vietnam. The school's international standard of education is a harmonious combination of the traditional character of Vietnamese education with the modernity, professionalism of Australian education and other advanced education. 


Cambridge International Program 


VAS Hanoi is one of the first two schools in Hanoi to be accredited by Cambridge Accessment International Education. The Cambridge Primary Program, Cambridge Upper Secondary Program and Cambridge IGCSE are fully implemented at VAS Hanoi in all primary, secondary and high school levels, along with programs from the Ministry of Education and Training. 


Cambridge International Program, Primary School Program, Senior School Program


Professional and dedicated teachers 


Our Vietnamese teachers are carefully selected and are assisted with training in different teaching methods by Vietnamese and foreign education experts. They possess the necessary qualities and skills in line with the school’s vision and model of education.

Native English teachers from the UK, USA and Australia are experienced, selected by Australian partners and trained annually both at home and abroad, committed to full-time employment and long-term commitment. long with VAS Hanoi.


Quality Learning Spaces


The school's classrooms are equipped with air conditioning and advanced teaching & learning facilities such as Internet-connected computers, video projectors, projectors, pin boards and audio-visual equipments. High quality classrooms also feature an interactive board.                                   


Computer networks, computer labs, libraries, music rooms, study rooms, health clinics are well-equipped. Two floors of multi-purpose house with an area of ​​over 1000 m2 / floor are used as dining room and sports hall (400 seats).  In addition to the school yard of more than 2000 m2, the school also has an artificial turf football field and a high school dormitory is available for students from Hanoi or other cities if needed.                                    


Co-curricular activities

At VAS Hanoi, students from grades 1 to 12 participate in a variety of co-curricular activities that are designed to balance Vietnamese culture with English speaking countries.  School-wide events like VAS Games, Haloween, International Day ... are always enjoyed by students. VAS Conconert 2014 & 2017 was rated by the media as the largest school music festival in Hanoi. 


At elementary level, events enriching humanity, community values, family values ​​such as Family Day, Grand Ancestral Day, Recycling Festival, Piano Recital Night ... 


At junior and senior high school, students are involved in projects to improve their integration skills, preparing for study abroad such as: Banquet skills, Career counseling, Edufair (Study abroad exhibition ...) 


Tuitions and fees


In the international school segment, VAS Hanoi builds a cost-effective framework for families and ensures the quality of study, boarding and extracurricular activities for the children at the school.

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