VASHanoi was one of the first two schools in Hanoi to be recognized as Cambridge International School, registered number VN235 in 2013. To be accredited, VASHanoi underwent a strict process of evaluation of its teachers, curriculum and facilities. To date, the school has been qualified to teach three international Cambridge programs:

· Cambridge Primary

· Cambridge Lower Secondary  

· Cambridge Upper Secondary - IGCSE

At VASHanoi International School, the international curriculum taught in grades 1-12 is as follows:

VASHanoi Cambridge Pathway

More information:

By learning English language courses with foreign teachers, VASHanoi students have access to engaging, motivating and exciting programs. These programs are constantly being evaluated and improved, and are used in more than 160 countries around the world. The ultimate goal of VASHanoi is to help prepare VASers to pursue their studies at home and abroad.

At each level, students at VASHanoi are regularly assessed according to international standards. 

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