2011 Summer School Programme

From 2011, VAS Hanoi introduces an interesting summer school program for all current and new students. The aims of this program is to allow students to: - have an exciting and helpful summer program - review the knowledge from the previous semesters - improve English skills through different subjects and activities: [i]Global Sport[/i], [i]Global History – Shaping the Modern World[/i], [i]Introduction to Global subjects[/i], [i]Global Geography[/i], [i]Global Drama[/i], [i]Global Cultures[/i]. - get acquaintance with friends and new learning and teaching environment (for new students). - enhance life skills through subjects: [i]Vocational and Life Skills English[/i], [i]First Aid in English[/i] Students can also use sporting facilities such as synthetic soccer field, multifunction hall... A range of interesting clubs are available for students to choose. Participating in Summer School Program at VAS Hanoi, students will get used to different learning methods such as: project-based, group work, presentation, etc. We look forward to welcoming you to VAS Hanoi. More informatin on 2011 Summer School Program(PDF file): [URL=http://www.vashanoi.edu.vn/Includes/VASHanoi_Summer_school_program.pdf]Click here for more information[/URL].

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