Some Important Exams’ Results of VAS Hanoi Students

Recently, Vas Hanoi students participated in several important exams and achieved very good results. Details are as below:

1. Year 12 with the 2013 Vietnamese HSC exam

According to the official result from Hanoi Department of Education & Training, all of VAS Hanoi Year 12 students have passed the high school graduation exam.

Thus, VAS Hanoi is one of 68 high schools in Hanoi that has 100% graduated students, 43 of which are government schools, the rest are non-government. There are totally 200 high schools in Hanoi and the graduation rate for this year is 97.12%.


On 17 June 2013, we were glad to be informed by Cambridge OEA that 100% VAS Hanoi students who sat for Cambridge KET and PET exam have passed. The certificates will be awarded to students in July, 2013.

The Cambridge KET and PET examinations were held at VAS Hanoi on 16 May, 2013 for Year 8, 9, 10 and some Year 6 & 7 students. According to OEA, VAS Hanoi is one of the very few schools that has 100% students who passed the exams with good results. Two students who achieved the highest marks in the examinations are Dang Dinh Nguyen – Year 7 with 98/100 for KET and Dang Quang Long – Year 10 with 97/100 for PET.

Congratulations to all VAS Hanoi students!

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