The First School Day of Secondary students

The School Board is pleased to inform students, parents and teachers the schedule of the First School Day of 2015-2016 School Year as below:

1. Date and time 
  • Time: Friday, 31/07/2015
  • Place: Vietnam-Australia School, Hanoi – My Dinh Residential 1, Hanoi, Vietnam
2. Student preparations
  • Uniform: All students are required to wear school uniform. The new students wear white shirt and dark pants
  • Books: Students prepare notebooks, pens and books as the timetable. The high school students (Grade 10-12) bring the textbook (Basic Level)
  • Breakfast: Students have breakfast at home or buy food at Dining room.
  • School bus: Students using the school bus will be called and noticed time and location on Thursday, 30/7/2015
3. The schedule of the First School Day

 No. Time Activities Place
1 7:45 -  8:30  
The First School Day Ceremony
The 30-4 Stadium
2 8:35 – 9:20
  • Notice school regulations
  • Register extra-curriculum clubs

  • Inform the timetable
3 9:35 – 16:00 Extra-curriculum and Orientation Arranged places
4. Timetable: will be updated on the website: before Thursday (30/7/2015)

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