Mrs Rowena Barnett says goodbye to VAS Hanoi

Mrs Rowena Barnett says goodbye to VAS Hanoi: "Vas Hanoi and Vietnam have a special place in my heart”…

After more than 2 years of working as the Vice-Principal of VAS Hanoi (from 11/2016 to 1/2019), Mrs Rowena Barnett will leave this position to return to Australia.

The Chairperson - Mrs Dong Thi Lan and Mrs Rowena Barnett

On behalf of VAS Hanoi, the Chairperson, Mrs Dong Thi Lan, presented Mrs Rowena Barnett fresh flowers with deepest thanks for the contribution of Mrs Rowena during her time at VAS Hanoi. VASers also presented flowers and a special moving video to Mrs Rowena.

Mrs.Rowena Barnett was contracted to VAS Hanoi by PLC Sydney, a partner of VAS Hanoi. With  professionalism, enthusiasm and a warm heart, Mrs.Rowena Barnett has been a big friend of all VAS teachers and VASers. She has made many valuable contributions to the development of International Programs at VAS Hanoi.

Once again, VAS Hanoi sincerely thanks Ms. Rowena Barnett for her contribution and love. We wish her good health and good work in Australia!   

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