Book Week 2019: Adventures in wonderland

Book Week is always a special event in which every primary school student participates. This year was no exception with students being offered plenty of exciting and useful activities. VAS Hanoi is proud of the fact that we provide activities that specifically enhance reading skills as well as providing more opportunities for students and teachers to continue to build better relationships.

In class, students have listened to both English and Vietnamese teachers reading out stories from English novels. They have also enjoyed presentations from certain popular books, which our students were particularly interested in.

On Gala Day of Book Week, some students who had written their own stories, were given the opportunity to act them out on the stage. All students, teachers and  support staff, participated in "reading time” to reinforce the importance of reading regularly and advantages of having good reading habits.

Let’s enjoy some photos and videos of Book Week!

Gala Day:

Reading time of VAS Hanoi:

Book Week 2019:

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