VAS Hanoi has recruited and will continue to recruit a staff consisting of Vietnamese and international teachers who are highly qualified, enthusiastic, and professional.

Our Vietnamese teachers are carefully selected and are assisted with training in different teaching methods by Vietnamese and foreign education experts. They possess the necessary qualities and skills in line with the school’s vision and model of education.

Native English-speaking teachers are under the supervision of a foreign senior staff member working at VAS Hanoi. Every international teacher has a relevant degree, teaching qualification, certificate in teaching English as a Foreign Language and previous experience in the field of education.

At VAS Hanoi, a high level of importance is placed on the professional development of our excellent teachers. Vietnamese and foreign teachers update themselves and keep informed of developments in their profession. They do this through a variety of ways:

- Our international teachers attend Cambridge training programs;

- Teachers are encouraged to attend conferences and professional development days offered by local and international universities;

- Within the school members of each Faculty are encouraged to read widely, to pursue additional formal study and to invite in to the school, experts in their teaching discipline;

- Teachers and senior managers from abroad visit our school and bring information about new approaches to teaching and things that are happening in leading overseas schools. Some of these visitors conduct training programs for our teachers and watch and comment on how they teach their classes at VAS Hanoi. Once a year PLC Sydney expert teachers conduct professional development sessions for our staff.

- Our teachers have IT access to modern technology resources, professional web sites and partnering schools so that they can routinely communicate with friends and colleagues and keep informed about new developments in their subject areas.

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