Back to school 2018: Kit Kat Day

Traditionally, VAS Hanoi always creates a surprise for VASers on Back to School Day. This year, our students were so excited and happy to receive sweet Kit Kat candies with the message from teachers: "Snap into the new school year with lots of energy".

For Grade 1 students and their parents, this is actually one of the most memorable days. Parents brought their children to school and wrote lovely notes to encourage them. It did not take much time for new VASers to integrate and enjoy the interesting culture and activities at VAS Hanoi.

Mrs Rowena Barnett, Vice Principal, International Programs hopes that these special gifts bring VAS Hanoi’s students and teachers an energetic new school year ahead. She also encouraged students to "Start strong & Stay strong" and hopes that this thought accompanies students throughout a school year.

Mrs Rowena Barnett - Vice Principal, International Programs  welcomes VASers to Back to school Day

On this day, VAS Hanoi presented certificates to students who got high scores in Cambridge Examinations.

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