Women’s Day 2019: Inspirations of Love

VAS Hanoi, celebrated International Women’s Day on 8 March, 2019, with a special event named "Inspiration”. This event was successfully organised by the teachers of the school’s Social Group, students and parents. These fine people worked tirelessly to put together a truly magical show, which included  performances by many parents, teachers and students.

Many VASers took this opportunity to express their love, respect, admiration and gratitude to those very special women in their lives. The audience was captivated by a range of unique performances, such as; dancing, an Ao dai show, songs and a traditional drama that was played out on the stage of VAS Hanoi. The atmosphere was electric as the audience soaked up each performance. There was also many pieces of artwork on display that showed off the wealth of talent that VAS has amongst its students.

The elegant students as MCs on the stage

A traditional drama was performed by our talent students

The deep songs "Đưa cơm cho mẹ đi cày" and "Huyền thoại Mẹ"

Quoc Tu, Minh Trang and Cong Minh (left to right) who got prizes in Writing competition, "The women in my heart"

This event introduced many excellent paintings of VASers in Painting Competition named "Paintings for mother”

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