VAS Hanoi Preschool

VAS Hanoi Preschool has opened in school year  2019-2020. It has become one of important part of VAS Hanoi, established in 2007 and recognized as a Cambridge school, a strategic partner of PLC Sydney School in Australia.

VAS Hanoi expects that:

* Kids in kindergarten: Each child has its own personality that should be respected so that he/she will be active and independent.

* Parents and teachers: Loving and taking care of kids does not mean pampering them.

Parents and teachers will work together to inspire every kid who dares to dream, dares to challenge and dares acts. At VAS Hanoi Preschool, students are well-prepared for upcoming learning pathway in Primary school.

The outstanding goals of VAS Preschool

* Vietnamese teachers are well-qualified, carefully selected and are assisted with training in Australia.

* International staff are qualified and experienced teachers. They has created many chance to participate in career trainings.

Learning space

VAS Prechool is designed modernly and spaceful with total area of 90m2 in each classroom. The first "connecting” classroom model showing the spirit of share and interaction will provide students with a ideal learning environment.

Students here have used advanced teaching & learning facilities  data projectors, pin boards and other audio-visual equipment.  The school also provides well-equipped libraries, music rooms, dining room, soccer pitch, sport hall (500 seats)

There is big hall for students to read book, work in team, relax or play game.

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