Congratulation VAS Student Council, school year 2021-2022

VAS Hanoi is so happy to introduce the excellent students who have become School Captain, Vice-School Captain, Media Captain, Finance-Charity Captain, Sport Captain and members of VAS Student Council.

We are happy to introduce members of VAS Student Council

This is the first time VAS Hanoi has organized the online election. VASers are impressed by their confidence, organisational skills and enthusiasm. The organizing committee received the applications of 100 candidates with 50% of candidates joining in the 2nd round. 

Candidates were interviewed through Zoom and submitted the campaign products within 3 days. The election was carried out confidentially and objectively. Each member of VAS Hanoi was required to use the school's official email to log in and vote one time only. The profiles of the candidates are also published on the school's website for VASers and teachers to view.

We hope that the VAS Hanoi Student Council of the school year 2021-2022 will run effectively and contribute to the school’s activities. The School Board will organize a meeting and assign the positions this week.

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