October 10 2022 is World Mental Health Day!

As part of World Mental Health Day teachers and students will be taking part in a week of lessons and activities focused on increasing awareness around the importance of Mental Health.



Each day this week there will be a different Mental Health Challenge focused on students taking some time to themselves and learning to appreciate the smaller things in life that we often overlook during the stresses of everyday life. When was the last time we really thought about what makes us unique and special? How often do we sit back and REALLY appreciate our favourite songs or treats? When was the last time we showed gratitude and thanks to someone that is always there for us? These activities will help students realize the importance of mental health, and hopefully learn how to love and appreciate themselves a little bit more. If everyone is happier, more confident and content it can only be a good thing for all of us at VAS Hanoi.



On Monday 10th of October we are dedicating an entire afternoon of activities to Student Mental Health by encouraging them to "get active" and "get creative" in a device free zone. Students will have the chance to play football, basketball, contribute to a school art mural, try kickboxing, yoga, badminton and K-Pop Dance!


"Student Mental Health needs to be a priority in all schools, especially after the last few years of lockdowns, self-isolation and online study. I am thrilled that we have this opportunity at VAS Hanoi to run dedicated lessons on Mental Health. Hopefully we will be able to help our students better understand what mental health is, their mental health triggers and ways to cope. Making Mental Health a daily conversation will help to end any stigma around the topic and help our students lead happier, healthier lives." Mr. Niall James Clark, Manager of the Secondary Cambridge Program talked about the purpose of organizing this campaign.


This school year, VAS Hanoi has launched a psychological-career counseling department, including mental health care as well as career orientation and study abroad counseling.

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