Vas Students Continue To Excel In Cambridge Checkpoint Exams 2023

The new school year at Vietnam-Australia School in Hanoi has commenced on a highly positive note, marked by improved performance among our students in the Cambridge Checkpoint exams compared to previous years. A greater number of students have achieved 'Good' and 'Excellent' grades across all subjects. This development is a very promising sign, underscoring the progress and growing proficiency of our students as learners.

Cambridge Checkpoint Primary 2023 ( grade 6)
Mathematics stands out as our exceptional subject, with 39 VASers achieving "Outstanding" scores, surpassing the global average scores for this subject by a considerable margin. Among our high achievers, three students have reached the maximum scores:

Lê Huy Gia Long     50/50

Lê Anh Phong         50/50

Hoàng Đức Anh      50/50
ESL and Science are also notable for the significant number of students achieving an overall score of "Good." These two subjects are acknowledged as demanding and challenging; nevertheless, students' diligent preparation and practice before the exam have substantially enhanced their performance in the actual exam when compared to their mock-test results.
This year, Mr. Niall Clark, the Manager of the Lower Secondary Cambridge program, along with other teachers in the Cambridge Checkpoint program at Vietnam-Australia School, Hanoi, will be focusing on new teaching methods to further enhance students' knowledge & understanding and exam preparation. These initiatives will focus on helping students improve their study skills and instilling greater confidence in the subjects covered within the Cambridge program.
Cambridge Checkpoint Lower Secondary Exam 2023 ( Grade 9)
The highlight of these exam results is in EFL (English as a First Language), where VASers attained an average score of 40 out of 50, surpassing the global average of 34 out of 50. Impressively, eight out of sixteen students achieved an "Outstanding” ranking.

Trần Châu Anh                   50/50

Trần Ngô Bảo Ngọc            48/50 

Phạm Khương Lâm            47/50
Results in Mathematics continue to show year-on-year improvement, underscoring the emphasis and significance placed on this subject. Our consistentperformance in Mathematics can be attributed, in large part, to the dedicated efforts of our Cambridge teachers. Similarly, in line with the Checkpoint Primary results, Mathematics at the Lower Secondary level is rated as "High," once again surpassing the global average score. Among these high achievers, five students have attained perfect scores:

Vũ Lan Hương 50/50

Trần Ngô Bảo Ngọc 50/50

Nguyễn Như Lan Phương 50/50

Nguyễn Đức Anh 50/50

Đỗ Hà Châu 50/50

The  Lower Secondary Cambridge Checkpoint exam helps students get valuable feedback on their strengths and weaknesses in their skills and critical thinking before moving up to the next stage of IGCSE.
Finally, the results in the Lower Secondary Global Perspectives subject were indeed outstanding. Out of 30 entrants, 16 students earned Gold, and 14 achieved Silver. Cambridge International Examinations has also offered positive feedback regarding the abilities and skills of VAS Hanoi students, acknowledging their proficiency in problem-solving and their ability to offer creative solutions to global issues. This subject has also earned a prestigious accolade: "Vietnam Australia School Hanoi has consistently produced candidates with the highest scores nationwide and has maintained a Top 3 ranking worldwide for two consecutive years."

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