Vietnam-Australia School, Hanoi has developed a clear and effective learning pathway for students to achieve specific goals: 

- Preparing students for further study in Vietnam and abroad.

- Developing the four core English language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing which builds confidence and proficiency in communicating with the assistance of their native English language teachers who use the most up to date material and language learning methods.

- Encouragement to use these skills  to clearly present their ideas and take roles of leadership at school and as members of the global community. 

- Developing an awareness of social justice.

- Developing mental and physical health through extra-curricular activities.

- Respecting and appreciating the contribution of teachers in improving the quality of teaching and educating students.

- Instructing students to follow standards of conduct in school and in society. 

Core values

Vietnam-Australia School, Hanoi has three core values that all VASers are expected to uphold:


I care and have empathy for others and treat my peers and others with respect. I try to do good things and include those  around me so that they feel valued and part of the school community.


I am honest and always keep my word. I stand up for the truth, follow the law, and do what is right even when pressured to do otherwise.


I am willing to show leadership by taking responsibility for my actions and try to become a person that others can rely on. 

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