I have knowledge

I have knowledge, the ability to apply knowledge to practice, and am ready to use my knowledge for the benefits of the community.


I have virtues

I have morals, always think and act according to my values and principles, and constantly strive to perfect myself.


I have a global mindset

I am aware of global issues, respect different cultures, and act toward common global goals.


I have a strong sense of national identity

I have knowledge of Vietnam’s culture, country, and people, and always strive to preserve and promote the fine traditions of Vietnam.


I can think critically and creatively

I never accept anything as is in school and in life. I always question their logics or look at them from a fresh perspective to conceive of something new.


I have a strong sense of well-being

I am aware that we can only be happy when we have both physical and emotional well-being. I understand my responsiblity and proactively take actions to hone my social and emotional skills, maintain a balanced diet, as well as exercise to improve my own health.

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